Green Building

Green Building

Here at Church of the Earth People, we have a deep respect for the Earth. As such, we are continually seeking the most mutually beneficial means for coexisting together. Green building is one of the issues we are concerned with, and we intend to provide any relevant information we can find on our site.

What is Green Building?

We hear the term a lot, but what exactly does it mean? Simply put, green building refers to the practice of creating more efficient methods to build and maintain structures. The design behind these concepts are based around the long term health of the environment. 

Why Green Building?

Many governments are becoming concerned with the long term health of their people, wildlife, and land. Because of this schools, companies, and other government buildings are also looking for greener ways to operate. These practices are attractive to large entities as they can provide a lower operating cost in the long run.

Green Building Laws

Unfortunately, these methods are out of the reach of many people, due to city building codes. These codes do not allow the use of various renewable materials and designs during construction. This, is one of the main reasons we have established the Church of the Earth People. We intend to provide the means to exercise your 1st amendment right (freedom of religion) when attempting to construct these types of buildings.

How to Contribute

In order to assist our members in defending their rights, we intend to set up a defense fund  to help pay for their defense in court, if needed. You can donate to this fund using the paypal button below.  We are also seeking attorneys in each state who are willing to assist in this endeavor. If you’re interested, please contact us at