We at the Church of the Earth People

*Honor and respect the Earth and wish to protect her
*Preach no Dogma; all beliefs respected
*Seek to serve and protect the Earth
*Supply support to off grid peoples
*Seek to reduce the carbon footprint worldwide
*Believe in organic principles
*Seek to supply alternative energy supplies to its members
*Wish to set up a legal fund to protect those exercising their right to alternative/green building and energy
*Hope to assist with combating laws which require building with and using systems that pollute and endanger the planet
*Seek to help our members in utilizing the First and Fourteenth amendments of the constitution to protect their right


Off Grid Legal Defense – Supporting the Earth

Welcome! We decided to set up the Church of the Earth People for one very specific reason. We constantly hear of folks who get told they cannot use this, that, or another thing in their self sustaining endeavors. Things like rainwater collection, off grid electric, or alternative building. Through the church’s off grid legal defense …

About Us

Lou & Ag

Aggie and Lou are currently living an off grid life style, utilizing solar energy and rainwater, in a small self-thermoregulating home they constructed themselves. They are eager to start helping others do the same!


How to Contribute

Would you like to help support Church of the Earth People.org and it’s cause? Well, there are many different ways you can contribute. Take a look below and hopefully you’ll find something that sounds like fun to you!

Discussion Board

For instance, you can head over to our community page and post in our discussion board. Here, we can share ideas about healing the Earth and it’s inhabitants. If we all put our heads together, I’m sure we can come up with some amazing things! Having more posts will also help the site to grow, making it easier to find in search engines such as Google, Bing and others.

Social Media

You could also like and follow our social media sites (Blog, Facebook, Twitter etc). You can find them using the buttons at the bottom of each page. If you share these pages with your friends, it can do a lot to help us grow!


One of our main goals as an organization is to set up a defense fund for people attempting to exercise their 1st amendment right (freedom of religion). This becomes especially important when attempting to build with green/sustainable structures on their own property. To help with this, you can donate via paypal.


Thank you for your support!